Independent Investigations – Private and Public

In this age of heightened scrutiny, businesses, governmental agencies and other entities can easily find themselves at the center of an inquiry or can learn of internal developments that need a thorough and immediate investigation.

We conduct internal investigations based on allegations raised by people inside and outside the company, by agencies or by other organizations. To that end, we review documents, conduct interviews, document our findings and report them to management or the board. And we guide companies in dealing with government investigations. We protect our clients’ interests, minimize their exposure to liability and allow their businesses to operate uninterrupted.

Our practice is directed to corporations, governmental entities, audit committees and boards of directors in a range of industries, and we are experienced in dealing with law enforcement agencies.

Of course, the best approach is to head off these problems by developing compliance and ethics training programs, as well as codes of conduct. The goal is to prevent illegal or unethical behavior or to uncover it internally at an early stage. The existence of such policies and programs can reduce the chances, scope and impact of an investigation.

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